Brisbane Santa Claus Hire

Meet Santa Rod - Australia's best Santa Claus!

The Voyager Event Group represents the best Santa Claus performer in Brisbane.  After all, don't your children deserve the best?  Our dazzling costumes are stage-ready for our trained Santa Claus performers, creating an authentic and convincing portrayal of St. Nicholas.

Santa Rod provides an unmatched Christmas experience, because the imagination of a child is precious, and deserves to be protected.

Santa Claus Rod Hyatt Brisbane

Santa Rod has been playing Santa for over three decades, including 23 years at Brisbane’s Myer Centre.  Santa Rod has learnt much from the countless children who’ve sat on his lap.

“It’s taught me there is still love and joy in the world,” Santa Rod said. “Even though there’s been a lot of sad and bad things happen around the world, there is a generation coming that holds hope for the future as far as I see.”


He said the Christmas cheer nowadays was just as potent as when his beard wasn’t grey, but admitted some things have managed to change around Santa’s Workshop.

While many kids have asked Santa for the latest toys, the real gift was never something you could give in wrapping paper,


“It’s just the experience any making kids happy, that’s the best thing about being Santa. That to me means a lot.”

Santa Claus (Rod Hyatt) with Ivy, 6, and Rocky Hill, 4, at Santa Land in Myer Brisbane City Picture: Claudia Baxter/AAP



2020 Covid-Safe Plan

2020 is an unusual year.  Due to our Covid-Safe Plan requirements we have had to make some alterations to our Santa packages to protect our performer and clients.

Until social distancing rules are eased we are unable to offer the classic lap-sitting experience.  However, Santa Rod is available for many other events such as:

⭐ Christmas Stage Shows

⭐ Christmas Parades

⭐  Atmosphere Entertainment

⭐ Santa Claus photos with social distancing in place

⭐ Other events - let's discuss it!

Let's work together to make this Christmas safe for and fun!